Skills That Your Attorney Should have

When selecting an attorney, you want to pick someone who has the skills necessary to win your case. The skill set that a particular attorney will need may differ depending on the type of case that is being tried. However, there are a few universal qualities that you want in any lawyer.

Your Lawyer Should Know The Law

Your bankruptcy lawyer should understand the nuances of bankruptcy law. A foreclosure lawyer should understand how the law works in regards to foreclosures. Hiring someone who doesn't have a good grasp of the law won't be much of a help to you in the courtroom. At the very worst, your lawyer should have a team of assistants who can help him look up relevant case law when necessary.

Hire Someone Who Is Articulate

You want someone who can speak in public. A lawyer who stumbles and mumbles through his opening and closing statements will not be able to get his message across. The message is everything when trying to swing the perception of the judge and jury to your side. Lawyers who cannot ask clear and concise questions will have a hard time examining witnesses during trial. This is never a good thing.

An Attorney Should Be Persuasive

Your attorney should be able to persuade the jurors in the courtroom that you are innocent or an innocent bystander in your case. Any lawyer that you hire should also be able to persuade third parties in a civil case. For example, can your lawyer convince the insurance company to settle out of court should you seek damages for an injury that you suffer?

Choose Someone Who Can Think Quickly

What happens if the judge strikes a piece of evidence or testimony from the record? Having a lawyer who can think quickly to salvage a key part of his case is essential toward getting a favorable outcome in court. The skill of thinking quickly is not something that many people have. However, it is critical that your lawyer have this skill. You only get one chance to prove that you are not guilty.

Your choice of lawyer is going to go a long way toward determining the outcome of your case. A good lawyer who can think quickly and talk persuasively is a huge asset. No one wants a long battle in court. The right lawyer will get you the result that you want as quickly as possible.